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Becoming Mommy and Daddy is the most profound, but at the same time the most beautiful event in life. Your little miracle is immediately surrounded by all the love and warmth of the world. You give your baby everything he/she needs and only the best is good enough. nosko®’s mission is to support parents in taking care of their baby in the most natural, safe and ecological way possible. No chemical clutter or harmful, irritating ingredients, only natural active ingredients that make baby's skin happy.
nosko® skin care is a range of 4 mild baby care products divided into 3 categories: bathing, skin care and hygiene. All products are specially tailored to the specific needs of babies and small children.

In the case of infants, nasal mucus can cause eating difficulties from a very early age if they are not removed. Children are not able to properly blow their noses until the age of 3-4. Mucus full of stagnant pathogens that have not been properly removed can cause complications such as sinusitis, otitis, or inflammation of the adenoids. The infected mucus can reach all areas of the respiratory tract - including the trachea and the bronchia - and the swallowed mucus may cause gastritis and stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea in babies. With regular using of Nosko Aspirators all of these complications and problems can be overcome and avoided.

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No secrets

nosko® has no secrets. During product development a natural and ecological approach was chosen. No unnecessary additives, all ingredients were chosen with the greatest care so that they are 100% safe for your baby's fragile skin. You as a parent can rest assured, you know perfectly what (and certainly what not) you put on your baby's skin. Moreover, the nosko® packaging is designed from recycled materials because we love the climate and want to take care about the future of our children.

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3 VALUES what nosko® skin care stands for:

1. Safe
- dermatologically tested
- hypoallergenic formulas
- safe to use from birth

2. Natural
- 100% reliable ingredients, >90% natural origin
- with no harmful or irritating ingredients for baby's fragile skin
- 0% parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, ethanol, PEG, synthetic preservatives / dyes,...
- vegan

3. Ecological
- packaging made of recycled material
- recyclable packaging